Offshore Credit and Debit Cards

Offshore credit and debit cards are inevitably the best option for accessing money held offshore. Offshore banks offer both debit and credit offshore cards that enable customers to function normally regardless of being unable to do a walk in to withdraw or deposit cash.

As with regular bank cards, an offshore card are issued by major card companies such as MasterCard and Visa, which are internationally known and accepted. This makes it easy to swipe from virtually any location worldwide, withdraw cash from any automatic banking machine that processes offshore cards and make online payments.

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Offshore debit and credit cards come with many advantages. One of these is personal safety, since account holders are not required to travel or move around with cash. It also means being capable to make large purchases without making major bank withdrawals and in this way reduces the chances of theft. Should an offshore card get stolen or lost, a call or email to the bank can have this matter resolved within a short space of time by having the card cancelled.

Saving time is another advantage that offshore cards offer. There is no need to be physically present at a bank to transfer or withdraw cash, if a purchase can be made online or the card can be swiped or used in an automatic banking machine. Transacting in the comfort of one’s home or office is not only convenient, but private.

Offshore cards (debit and credit) allow for instant payments to be made. Once a purchase or purchases are within the credit or debit limit an offshore card, cash is guaranteed instantly. Offshore cards, especially credit cards, help provide additional cash which improves financial independence, since the need to borrow from a relative or friend is reduced.

This makes it easier to do business in privacy without necessarily having to share financial plans or affairs with second or third parties. Though cash withdrawals may be charged on a transaction basis, offshore cards make it possible to access cash that is not readily available for making payments; be it medical fees, motor vehicle insurance or travel ticket.

Offshore debit and credit card surveillance systems provide offshore card users with adequate security. Offshore card activity is closely monitored and is safeguarded by an alert system that records IP addresses and other identification criteria.

Much discipline and a great sense of responsibility are needed when managing offshore cards. Having several credit cards at a time if unable to make payments regularly may not be wise, as this has the potential to increase financial trouble and reduce one’s disposable income due to overwhelming debt. Avoiding this situation is important, and having one or two offshore cards (one debit and credit) for doing offshore business makes it easier to consolidate payments and better manage credit.

Before applying for an offshore card, it is wise to find out about the interest rates and terms of the card agreement. High interest rates may mean that moderate spending with an offshore credit card is necessary. Also, it must always be kept in mind that offshore debit cards are used to access personal funds and should therefore be used with discretion.

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